Wednesday, March 28, 2007


MORE NEW PLAYS! If you haven't made it out to Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company's month-long reading series... Don't cry, just get your lazy bottom to Week #5...

Week Five:
Monday 26th 6pm JAMES McBRIDE by Mark Clayton Southers/Corey Rieger & 8pm WAXWORKS by Jeanne Drennan
Tuesday 27th A new play by Renee Aldrigde /Jeanine Foster McKelvia*
Wednesday 28th WRITERS BLOCK by Wali Jamal
Thursday 29th NOT EUREKA by Cory Tamler /Tara Adelizzi & 9pm FUELED by Tara Adelizzi /Cory Tamler
Friday 30th 7pm SOUTH STAR by Rebecca Gorman /Rob Gorman & 8pm WAKE UP SCREAMING by Michael McGovern
Saturday 31th 4pm GOOD BLACK DON'T CRACK by Rob Penney /Vernelle Lillie & 8pm PIT FALL by Brendon Bates /Eric Smith.

The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company is located at 542 Penn Avenue, Mezzanine Level, Downtown.

For other information call Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (412) 288-0358.


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