Friday, March 16, 2007


It's not too late to enjoy a new-play-a-day during the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company's ambitious month-long reading series. Currently in week THREE:

What's Left In Week 3:
Friday 16th: DIBBS by J.P. Nickles /Joanna Lowe
Saturday 17th: ROSE by Michael Swartz
Sunday 18th: 3pm BENJAMIN FRANKLIN & HALL OF FAMERS by Sue Danks /Rosa Ferrari & 7pm: THE CHIMES OF WAR by J.R. Hall

Looking ahead to Week 4:
Monday 19th: 7pm MAD HONEY by Amy Hartman /Martin Giles
Tuesday 20th: THE SISTERS OF ZIVENA by Christina Kukucka /Tammy Dixon
Wednesday 21th: SWITCHED AT BIRTH by Denise Pullen & RAMBLINGS (1a) by Mel Packer
Thursday 22th: CHERRY SMOKE by James McManus /John Gresh
Friday 23th: PIG by Tammy Ryan /Mark Southers
Saturday 24th: THE ART OF PARING (1a) by Brandon Siple /Meagan Reagle & 9pm SOUTH STAR by Rebecca Gorman /Rob Gorman
Sunday 25th: 3pm THE TREE GROWS STRONG by Bob Gorczyca/Marcia Jones & 7pm JOB by Corey Rieger /Mark Clayton Southers.

The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company is located at 542 Penn Avenue, Mezzanine Level, Downtown.

For other information call Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (412) 288-0358.


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