Saturday, January 06, 2007

Resolute in 2007!

Resolutions are always the hot topic this time of year… fitness centers dropping rates in order to entice you to agree to a twelve month contract, restaurants offering lighter fare options… Starbucks coming out with sugar-free versions of their most popular elixirs! Everywhere you turn it seems like the entire capitalistic universe is diligently supporting our New Year’s Resolutions… a class to help you loss weight… a pill to get you to stop smoking… a hypnotist to halt your over consumption of alcoholic beverages. American citizens have set intentions and marketing teams across the country and around the world are ready to help you reach your goals… for a small charge, of course.
But what if your resolution is less constrictive and more constructive… refined… What, if like my own, your resolution is to see and support more of Pittsburgh Indie Theatre? Has the PGH Theatre Community collectively picked a diversified season… a buffet of options… a plethora relevant stage stories? The answer is “YES!”
So, if you find yourself up for a challenge, join PGH Theatre Connect in our One-A-Week challenge. Every week in 2007 we will choose one production… one must see masterpiece giving a true urgency to our Weekly Pick. Many well purposed resolutions fade away after a few months, but we here at PGHTC vow to keep you on track.

So here’s to good intentions and we’ll see you at the theatre!


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