Saturday, October 28, 2006

PGHTC Weekly Pick

Black, White and good all over!!!!

Check out this week's pick:
The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company's Theatre Festival in Black and White.

The Low-Down:
Two alternating programs consisting of five one-act plays by white writers directed by African-Americans, and five one-acts by black writers directed by white directors.

Program A:
"Assassination," by Brendon Bates
"A Summer's Tale," by Astrid Cook
"Around Midnight," by Christina Maria Acosta
"Holding Cell" by Wali Jamal
"The Kitchen," by Rob Zellers

Program B:
"F.O.R.D.," by David Turke
"Ridin' Dirty," by Brentin Mock
"Gossip," by Dan Kirk
"For the Love of Friends" by Nailah Blu Lewis
"The Exile of King Harold," by Mark Clayton Southers

~Continues through Nov. 5.
Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company
542 Penn Ave.


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